Plymouth Barbican

Our Cleaning Services

I have used personal cleaners in my own home in the past and was extremely disappointed in the lack of care and standard of cleaning that was provided for me. With that in mind I vowed that the cleaning service I would provide to my second homeowners would match the standards I expect in my own home. I promised that when we offered to clean their properties we would do just that!

We offer many different types of clean depending on your requirements.

Deep Mean Cleans that leave no corner or skirting board safe.

Weekly Cleans dictated by you - you tell us what’s needed and we’ll do it! Or leave it up to our highly fastidious ladies to spot the grime and remove it!

Builders' Cleans - dust, dust and more dust ……. Obliterated!

Changeover Cleans – Ensuring guests are welcomed into a fresh smelling, dirt free house to enjoy their holiday.